Sound module SONATTER® TM4 allows uncompromising imitation of playing natural instruments, in particular the structure of Alpine quintet. If you strive for perfection, SONATTER® TM4 is definitely the best choice for you.


High end sound module with sound libraries created in our studios. With sound module SONATTER® TM4 you can enjoy all styles of music – entertainment, folk, rock, jazz, pop, classical, Alpine music, etc.



  • Original TOTTER MIDI sounds for Alpine music
  • Instruments variation – Multisample
  • Stereo Samples
  • Host USB connector for updating the sounds and Firmware
  • Additional direct input for TOTTER MIDI systems
  • Conform with all TOTTER MIDI systems
  • Compatible with GM and GS standard
  • 64 MIDI channels
  • Polyphony 264 sounds
  • Microphone output for right hand side
  • Jack outputs
  • Compakt ALU enclosure
  • Made in Slovenia, where’s the home of Alpine music



The sound module SONATTER TM4 is high-end sound box. It will lift your MIDI device into new height. You can enjoy all styles of music – Alpine, entertainment, folk, rock, jazz, pop, classical, etc with SONATTER. Using the unique and patented funktions TOTTER MIDI GUITARIST®, TOTTER MIDI QUINTET® and ACTIVE CHANGE® of instruments you will achieve enviable perfection in imitation of orchestral music, particularly with an emphasis on the structure of Alpine quintet. Sound module SONATTER TM4 is an universal product, suitable also for MIDI systems other’s manufacturers. It’s very easy to use. Sounds and Firmware can be loaded or upgraded with the USB key. By using the sound module SONATTER TM4 you get rid of transportation keyboards or other large equipments.


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