TM4-N is the simplest model built on the left and right sides of the accordion without the control panel. The external appearance of the accordion remains unchanged after installation.



  • for left and right hand sides
  • without control panel
  • 1 internal memory location
  • electronic sensors of keys and bellows
  • possible to upgrade to TM4-S or TM4-LUX model
  • possible to upgrade the TOTTER MIDI microphone system
  • contains an interface board, sensor pack, connection cables, manual




We recommend the TM4-N model to anyone who wants to have the TOTTER MIDI system on the left and right sides, and at the same time you want the appearance of the accordion after installation to remain completely unchanged.


Modular system construction enables future upgrades and improvements. The data is transmitted from the accordion over several MIDI channels simultaneously, which allows playing and controlling several instruments simultaneously. TM4-N offers you the ultimate pleasure in playing the full accordion with a midi connection.


To operate the TM4-N model built into the accordion, you need a sound generator, for example, sound module, synthesizer, keyboards, computer, … and active speaker.


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