TM4-AB is professional internal microphone system installed in left hand – bass side of any accordion. The natural sound of the accordion is amplified without using external standing, hanging, put on wrist microphones.



  • for left hand side
  • can be installed into any accordion
  • individual installation or together with TOTTER MIDI system
  • possible to upgrade the TM4-ABD microphone system
  • possible to upgrade the TOTTER MIDI system
  • installed pre-amplifier and active filter
  • wide dynamic range with linear frequency response
  • contains a microphone PCB, splitter, connection cable, AC adapter



TM4-AB is recommended to all of you who wish to enjoy playing accordion with less effort, either as a soloist, with an orchestra, an ensemble or anywhere else.


It characterized by high operating stability, large dynamic range and linear frequency response.


It consists of several high-end condenser microphones, built-in preamplifier, splitter, connection cable and power adapter. The installation can be performed individually or together with the TOTTER MIDI system. A later upgrade on the TM4-ABD model or/and TOTTER MIDI system is also possible. The production time 2-3 days can be reduced by prior arrangement. The acoustics and the outer appearance of the accordion remain unchanged after the installation of the TM4-AB system. You can select the position of the socket.


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