Totter Midi Quintet

Totter Midi Quintet ®

Be the solo Alpine quintet with your accordion! The simpliest way is with the patented TOTTER MIDI QUINTET® function.


The patented TOTTER MIDI KVINTET® function enables the proper playing of blowers – trumpet and clarinet in the imitation of Alpine ensemble.


The point of the function is that only one ton of trumpet and only one ton of clarinet plays among all simultaneously played tones.


The way of playing trumpet and clarinet has its own rules that differ from the way of playing accordion. The patented TOTTER MIDI QUINTET® function analyses in real-time (live) your playing on the accordion and determines the tone of the trumpet and the tone of the clarinet.


In other words, when you play on your accordion, you will play trumpet and clarinet in proper harmony as well.


Because the melody is an important part of the music, the patented TOTTER MIDI QUINTET® function is indispensable and you simply must have it. With it only sounds the songs original, as you would play in a real Alpine quintet. The imitation is perfectly approaching the quintet playing.


We developed the function for playing Alpine music. It is also excellent in other kinds of music, for example classical music, Jazz, Pop, Rock, etc.


Even if you are an amateur, your playing will be heard professionally. The idea is simple and completely original.


The patented TOTTER MIDI QUINTET® function complements our patented TOTTER MIDI GUITARIST® function, developed to imitate the rhythm guitar in all musical ensembles.

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