Accordionist’s best choice

Accordionist’s best choice


Have you heard of MIDI Month?


Probably not, since the idea is completely new. At TOTTER MIDI, we have decided to call the month of June MIDI Month.
And what does that mean? During MIDI month, we will offer accordionists the best choice for every accordion at an incredible price.


MIDI month means that you will only pay 2,500 EUR for the package, which consists of the best TOTTER MIDI system TM4-LUX and the top sound module SONATTER.


You will be able to spend the money saved from the full price on a vacation or for some other purpose.


With the purchase, you get the unique midi system on the world market TM4-LUX with the patented function TOTTER MIDI QUINTET, TOTTER MIDI GUITARIST and ACTIVE INSTRUMENT SWITCH, 100 internal memory programs, new MINI control pad with LED for control, etc.
You can find more about it HERE.


And the high end sound module SONATTER, with which you will enjoy original TOTTER MIDI sounds for playing alpine and folk music and other music as well. In addition, it contains for over 300 different instruments, has a USB port for updating sounds and software and an additional direct input for TOTTER MIDI systems. It boasts 64 MIDI channels, a polyphony of 264 sounds, a microphone output and, finally, it is housed in an optimally small, compact aluminum case.
You can find more about it HERE.


So accordionist’s best choice in MIDI month = TM4-LUX + SONATTER.


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