Accordionist’s best choice

Accordionist's best choice   Have you heard of MIDI Month?   Probably not, since the idea is completely new. At TOTTER MIDI, we have decided to call the month of June MIDI Month. And what...

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TOTTER MIDI dares to step on the scales

TOTTER MIDI for accordion on the scales   Accordionists inquire about a wide variety of technical and practical features before purchasing a TOTTER MIDI system. Some people ask us a (perhaps at...

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NEW at TOTTER MIDI: MINI Control panel

NEW at TOTTER MIDI: MINI Control panel   MIDI is one of those things we associate with accordion, fun, celebration, playing with friends. It evokes pleasant feelings and joy in us, as...

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To the fair for a TOTTER MIDI

To the fair for a TOTTER MIDI!   The TOTTER MIDI team invites you to the Spring Agricultural and Craft Fair, which will take place between 8. and 10. April 2022 in...

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Bring a friend and get a discount!

SONATTER will bring your MIDI device to new height! Bring a friend to TOTTER MIDI!   Dear accordionists! We are happy to announce that now at our company you can take advantage...

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MIDI In Accordion Without Reeds

MIDI In Accordion Without Reeds   The accordion is still one of the most popular musical instruments. It is played by pressing the keys and buttons and pulling the bellows outwards and...

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